Black and White Series – London Streets

Similarly to the series below, I have once more, been delving into black and white photography. I love doing simple edits to black white and admiring the silhouettes and shadows in exteriors and with people!


Black & White Series – Tate Modern

I love the visual appeal of black and white photos. The way that, without the vibrancy of colours, you look differently… noticing the details that you may not have before. I recently went to the Tate Modern in London. I always love looking at people when they are admiring the artwork, deep in thought. Thus, I decided to capture these moments, discretely, however. Mainly from behind, as to not invade on random stranger’s privacy further. Anyway, enjoy! I hope you find them interesting! IMG_0331IMG_0356IMG_0359IMG_0373IMG_0350IMG_0351IMG_0353IMG_0354IMG_0346IMG_0349

Last Night in Bournemouth

This sunset and the evening, in general, was stunning. The pink and orange in the clouds/sky were spectacular. As the sunset faded and we went from deep dark blue, to almost dark, near black, the lights really contrasted and stood out. Beautiful! I planned to capture this evening as a visual metaphor for a relationship. As if two people were having their last night having a long stroll across the beach/pier area. The beautiful cloud represents their colourful and beautiful relationship, but we know it is going to fade, and the sky will soon fade. They want to keep this moment going for as long as possible, but they truly do not know what will happen once they leave each other. The light against the dark act as a contrast with their conscience. Will this be it? Is this the end of their relationship? Or will it keep flickering on and flashing with glimpses of hope, like the fair ground rides?…