Some stuff from last uni project.

Drawing of little girl in first image, was done by classmate – But the rest is done by me 🙂Light coming throughabyss paint 2a2img20171128_09515462img20171128_09523681img20171128_09525363img20171128_09530746img20171128_09532744img20171128_09553872


Black & White Series – Tate Modern

I love the visual appeal of black and white photos. The way that, without the vibrancy of colours, you look differently… noticing the details that you may not have before. I recently went to the Tate Modern in London. I always love looking at people when they are admiring the artwork, deep in thought. Thus, I decided to capture these moments, discretely, however. Mainly from behind, as to not invade on random stranger’s privacy further. Anyway, enjoy! I hope you find them interesting! IMG_0331IMG_0356IMG_0359IMG_0373IMG_0350IMG_0351IMG_0353IMG_0354IMG_0346IMG_0349